Reviews and comments of Midnight Movers by customers. These are genuine and unsolicited.

Review by customer Adrian Girvin

'Having been an avid collector of lorry books and ephemera for more than sixty years, the arrival of Mark Gredzinski’s new book ‘Midnight Movers’ was a refreshing tonic. This very special publication possesses the sort of quality that road transport enthusiasts have been starved of for some years now. The book is presented in glossy board covers with a tantalising shot on the front, - the high-quality art paper inside just adds to the luxurious feel of the book. I would urge readers to take in the preface and prologue, both insightful and full of meaning in relation to the subject and life today. The photos speak for themselves, and I would not dream of commenting on the ultra-professional approach taken by Mark in achieving these images. The accompanying chapter lead text is very interesting, and the captions give all that is required.
Nowadays, with the demise of transport bookshops, there is little option but to buy on spec and often with very disappointing results. Marks book is quite the opposite from cover to cover and I hope there may be another book in the future from this very skilled author.
I have no connection with the publisher/ author and wholeheartedly recommend the book to anyone with even a passing interest in the subject matter or photography - an absolute delight!' 

                                                                                                                                                                                        I.W. West Midlands.          'I started reading it last night and finished it off this afternoon. Enjoyed seeing your pictures from the era and also reading about your photography journey. A cracking book and a very different set of images than everyone else was taking at the time.'

B.O. Northants.        'Received the book this morning. Brilliant, reminded me of the late 70s early 80s when as a kid I would venture out in the evening to look at parked up trucks. Never had the courage or a camera to take photos so this is great. Thanks so much.'

M.P. Wigan.         'Thanks for the quick delivery. A great publication they are brilliant photographs. If your next book is as good as this, it will be another success. All the best to you.'