Midnight Movers

Midnight Movers

New hardback book.  Midnight Movers by Mark Gredzinski.

ISBN 978-1-8382073-0-4

144 pages in total.   Each page is A4 in size

 All pictures full colour, printed on 150gsm silk coated art paper

Outer dimensions  302 x 215mm landscape format

All books individually checked and bagged.   1.1kg, inclusive of packaging.

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About The Book   

Every truck driver has made an overnight stop and many park up regularly. The early hours are quiet, transient and often atmospheric . This book is the result of an obsession to accurately capture the sombre and often spectacular images of lorries within the onset of night and early morning.

In the mid-eighties, factory worker Mark Gredzinski began taking lorry pictures at night. It was a financial, physical and technical challenge, sometimes undertaken between bouts of unemployment following company liquidations. The average exposure for each picture was over a minute. Many took five, ten or even 15 minutes duration, to record vehicles hidden in the shadows onto film. Long exposures revealed the subjects in rich, often surreal colours. Some of the evening photos depict moving trucks as well.  

The book is something of a labour of love. It took ten years to plan and five to create. No expense was spared using quality materials throughout giving the look and feel of the book a feel of quality. A professional book designer was employed, giving the contents a bright look around potentially sombre photographs.  The contents cover ten chapters including around 32,000 words. Inside are over 200 quality colour pictures. At least 20 of the photographs are enlarged full page in size, making the book good value .

The book is bigger than many, weighing just under under two pounds and is over 23 inches wide when opened out. The 16-page units that make up the 144 page total are section-sewn which is more prestigious and archival than cheaper 'perfect' bound methods. The coated paper is substantial stock suitable for photo reproduction. To compliment the midnight blue covers, contrasting cloth head and tail bands were chosen (the colour is called 'Caribbean Grapefruit' as it happens!) and extra was spent on rich blue ed papers. Small touches that count.  

Themes include lorries paired up at night, famous fleets and trucks photographed in inclement weather. A whole chapter is dedicated to roped and sheeted loads with over forty of them throughout the book. 125 pictures depict British lorries, including 62 ERF and Foden shots alone. The majority are understandably articulated units although 20 pictures depict tippers accommodating earth and scrap shifting operators. Much of the contents have a Midlands and Black Country bias, but the trucks themselves are countrywide, covering both Scotland and Wales.

The story of how and why the pictures were taken is described from the author's perspective. Techniques are explained alongside personal observations although this is foremost a photographic book. Pictures are fully captioned but not weighed down with technical specs. The viewpoint is from an outside observer, since drivers themselves are better qualified to tell an inside story. Note: no lorry driver was ever knowingly woken up in the dead of night. 

This book is undoubtedly unique.  With the advent of digital, pictures of trucks at night are commonplace. However, working examples of Seddon Atkinsons or Scania 111s are a thing of the past. 

Truck makes and models include;  AEC, Atkinson, Bedford (TK, KM and TM), ERF (LV, A Series, plus B,C and E Series), DAF 2800 and 3300, Fodens from S39 to 4300 Series, Kenworth, Leyland including Marathon, Cruiser, Roadtrain  and Leyland DAF 95, Mack, Magirus Deutz, MANs, Mercedes NK, SK and Actros, Renault G Series and Magnum, Scania (86, 111,112,113 and 141), Seddon Atkinson (301, 400, 401, 4-11 and Strato), Scammell Routeman and Highwayman, Spanish Dodges, Volvo (F7, F88, F12, FL10, FM and FH12) and more. Everything from four wheelers to car transporters, mixers plus articulated trucks of every kind.

Fleets include;

P&O Roadways, Tunnel Cement, Eddie Stobart, Douglas Plant, Charlson, Joint Motorways, JB McBean, Canning, Bayfreight, C. Butt, Rawlings, GCS Johnson, McCall Bros, Burgoynes, Syd Wood, Hills of Cardiff, John Raymond, ECM car transport, Sidney Harrison, Millicans of Longtown, Myers of Clitheroe, David G. Davies, Lawsons of Cumbria, Robbins, H. Morgan, Hayward of Walsall, LE Jones, Naylors of Lancashire, Wm Blythe of Accrington, Geo. Beer, Cardiff Transport, Truswell, WH Malcolm, Bewick, Atkins, Bowker, British Salt, Chris Miller, Allinson, Tyson H. Burridge, Glendinning, John Raymond, Geoffrey Reyner, Jack Richards, Meachers, Riding, Ken Abram, Robsons, Murray Hogg, Bergen, Allmans, RG Bassett, Sam Longson, Hunt Bros, Redland Bricks, Wilds Motors, Soens, Iddons, Banks Grain, Blueline, Cannons, Evans, H. Brown, Peter Halley, T. Brady, Walpole & Wright, Connolly Transport, Brian Harris, A-One Transport, Consolidated, Wood & Butler, Craigs of Denny, Barnes & Tipping, H&G Haulage, DA Harrison, Hingleys, Ditchfield, Shaws, Harold Read, Coopers of Cannock, Starr Roadways, I'Anson Bros, DV Williams, Hillstate, Thompson Jewitt, F. Hackney......... and many more.

About the author

Though relatively little known, Mark Gredzinski has been involved with road transport imaging and design for over 50 years and has 35 years journalistic experience. He has contributed within the sport of drag racing for half a century and spent many years as a drag race correspondent for Custom Car magazine and Street Machine alongside freelancing for truck magazines such as Heritage Commercials. He is both a technical artist and model maker and has won awards for his designs. Originally trained as a silversmith, he developed a keen eye and insistence on quality in any creative work. In 2015 Mark garnered a BA Honours degree in photography from Birmingham City University. 

"The book is dedicated to my late truck driving brother Adam 'Jasper' Gredzinski. He, like many others, experienced what a night out behind the wheel felt like. It's aimed at enthusiasts of every persuasion, with an appreciation of how dynamic a vehicle looks, beyond just a collection of metal parts."

This is a limited edition book with a single print run.

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