Midnight Movers

Midnight Movers

  Midnight Movers is a limited-edition hardback book.

Colour pictures throughout.

144 pages in large A4 size.

 Printed on heavy silk coated paper

Landscape format   30 x 21cm 

ISBN 978-1-8382073-0-4

About The Book   

 Midnight Movers features unique truck photographs taken in the twilight hours. 

In the 1980s, factory worker Mark Gredzinski learned to take truck pictures at night and early morning.  The idea was to capture the atmosphere of operational trucks in their natural environment, paying homage to the lives of hard-working drivers. Long exposures onto film went from a few seconds to many minutes.  The results revealed  trucks hidden in the shadows, bought to life.  

No expense has been spared to produce a book to rival or exceed anything on the market.

Inside are over 200 fully-captioned sharp photographs. Twenty of them fill the entire page for maximum impact.

The book is 23 inches wide when opened out.  Heavy coated paper enhances photo reproduction. Complimenting the deep blue cover are cloth head and tail bands, with colour end papers. The book was professionally designed and produced in the UK.   

Ten chapters illustrate machines paired up at night, famous fleets and trucks photographed with inclement weather. Another concentrates on roped and sheeted trucks. British lorries include 62 ERFs and Fodens, alongside Scania, Volvo, Mercedes and MAN etc. The majority are articulated, including tippers, flatbeds, tankers and car transporters. Locations cover the Midlands, with trucks countrywide including Scotland and Wales.

How the pictures were taken is described alongside observations of sometimes tricky conditions. The viewpoint is from the authors perspective since drivers themselves are better qualified to tell the inside story. Incidentally, no lorry driver was knowingly woken in the dead of night! 

The book is unique and has received glowing press reviews and customer comments, with hundreds of books sold so far.  

Trucks inside include AEC, Atkinson, Bedford (TK, KM and TM), ERF (LV and A Series, plus B ,C and E Series), DAF 2800 and 3300, Foden from S39 to 4300 Series, Leyland  Roadtrain, Marathon plus Leyland DAF 95. Magirus, MAN, Mercedes (NK, SK and Actros), Renault G Series and Magnum, Scania (111,112,113 and 141), Seddon Atkinson (301, 400, 401 and Strato), Scammell Routeman and Highwayman, Spanish Dodges, Volvos (F7, F88, F12, FL10, FM and FH12) and more. 

Fleets include.

Brian Harris of Devon, P&O Roadways. Joint Motorways, Geo Beer, Hills, Cardiff Transport and John Raymond from Wales, JB McBean, Canning, Bayfreight, C. Butt, Rawlings, GCS Johnson, McCall Bros, Burgoynes, Syd Wood, ECM car transport, Syd Harrison's Scammells from Sheffield, Millicans of Longtown, Myers of Clitheroe, David G. Davies, Lawsons of Cumbria, H. Morgan, Hayward of Walsall, LE Jones, Naylors of Lancashire, William Blythe of Accrington, Truswell, WH Malcolm, Bewick, Atkins, Bowker, British Salt, Allinson, Tyson H. Burridge, Glendinning, Reyner of Manchester, Jack Richards, Meachers of Southampton, WR. Riding, Ken Abram, Robsons of Carlisle, Murray Hogg of Newcastle, Bergen, Allmans, RG Bassett, Sam Longson, Hunt Bros, Wilds Motors, Soens, Iddons, Banks Grain, Blueline, Cannons, Evans, H. Brown, Peter Halley, T. Brady, Walpole & Wright, Connolly Transport of Ireland, A-One Transport, Craigs of Denny, Barnes & Tipping, Eddie Stobart, DA Harrison, Ditchfield, Shaws, Harold Read, Thompson Jewitt,... and many more from around the British Isles.

About the author.  Mark Gredzinski has been involved with transport imaging and design for over 50 years with 35 years journalistic experience. He's contributed to the sport of drag racing for decades as a correspondent for Custom Car magazine and Street Machine. Truck magazines such as Heritage Commercials have featured his work. He is both a technical artist and model maker and has won awards for his designs. As a teenager he trained as a silversmith developing a keen eye and an insistence on quality in his creative work. In 2015 Mark garnered a BA Honours degree in photography from Birmingham City University. 

"The book is dedicated to my late truck driving brother Adam 'Jasper' Gredzinski. He, like many, experienced what a night out behind the wheel felt like. It's aimed at all transport enthusiasts, with an appreciation of how formidable a truck can look, beyond just a collection of metal parts."

This is a limited-edition book with a single print run

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