Accurate Dragster covers exclusively the work of author and artist Mark Gredzinski. The Accurate Dragster name may be new but we have been in business over 30 years.

Our debut book Midnight Movers is a worlds first. It covers photographs of trucks at night for the first time in a hardback book format. This follows the success of many magazine articles on trucks/lorries. The emphasis is always on quality without compromise in everything we do.

The book is offset printed with a single print run to the highest standards. With only a few hundred produced, it may well be a collectors item in future. The contents make for a book the reader will revisit time and again.  Our next book will cover drag racing in colour. We have over 50 years experience on both subjects. Later in 2022 the content will be announced for a new truck book.

Why Accurate Dragster? Simply because we strive for accuracy in everything we do. It stems for our extensive model making, artwork and drag racing journalistic experience. When we scratch build engines to scale for example, every, nut, bolt, rib and core plug will be present and correct in the master pattern. Our reputation is world wide and we intend to keep it.

We always take pride in our work. It's either right or its not done at all. We have won numerous awards for previous design work.

We don't try to be clever, but always strive to be diligent.

Our 1/16th scale Donovan 417 nitro engine (based on a 392 cubic inch Chrysler) is pictured below. It is 2 inches long, with every fuel line and linkage scratchbuilt and in place. New developments with original subjects are ongoing.