Accurate Dragster covers the work of author and artist Mark Gredzinski. We have been in business for over 30 years.

Our first book 'Midnight Movers' highlighted working trucks photographed in the early hours for the first time. This followed success with magazine articles on the same subject. Our new Scania book is written and ready for December 2023.

  We emphasize quality without compromise in everything we do, which is why our books printed to the highest standards. Customers are often surprised how a small operation can produce such a high class book but we won't cut corners. For example, the paper we use is heaver than that of a magazine. The content covers only what you want to read about with no adverts to distract. The quality of our pictures make for books the reader will revisit time and again. 

  Future books will cover drag racing in colour, and we have more truck titles lined up.  We have over 50 years experience on both subjects. 

Why Accurate Dragster? Simply because we strive for accuracy in everything we do. This stems from our extensive model making, artwork and drag racing journalism and design. We scratch build scale engines for example. Every nut, bolt and core plug is accurately rendered in the master patterns. This takes thousands of hours unpaid work and research, but we refuse to skimp on quality. We will soon be producing limited-edition accurate Funny Car bodies in scale. These are for drag racing enthusiasts who expect the very best. Our reputation is worldwide, and we intend to keep it.

Our book policy

We always send the customer a brand new, fresh from the printer book. We inspect each book personally to make sure it has no flaws. It is then bagged and sealed, ready for dispatch.

Our books are never left thumbed on bookshelves or languishing in a dusty warehouse. When we receive your order, we print off an invoice and enclose your brand new new book in proprietary packaging. Each book is sent promptly, using the post service you specified.

Once in the system, we will send you an email on the day it has been dispatched. We pride ourselves on good service and try to send on the same day where possible.

In a world often awash with mediocrity, we only do excellence.