Accurate Dragster is the work of author and artist Mark Gredzinski.  The Accurate Dragster name is relatively new, but we have been in business for over 30 years.

The book 'Midnight Movers' covers photographs of trucks at night and the early hours for the first time. This follows our success with magazine articles on the same subject.  We emphasize quality without compromise in everything we do, which is why Midnight Movers is offset printed to the highest standards. Customers are surprised how such a small operation can produce such a high class book, but that was always the intention. The contents make for a book the reader will revisit time and again.  Our next book will cover drag racing in colour. We have over 50 years' experience on both subjects. In 2023 the content will be announced for a new truck book.

Why Accurate Dragster? Simply because we strive for accuracy in everything we do. This stems from our extensive model making, artwork and drag racing journalism. We scratch build scale engines for example and every nut, bolt, rib and core plug is accurately rendered in the master patterns. This takes thousands of hours in unpaid work and research but we don't skimp on quality. We hope to be producing limited edition accurate Funny Car bodies for scale model enthusiasts who want the very best, later this year. Our reputation is worldwide, and we intend to keep it.

We have won numerous awards in the past for our freelance design work for both individuals and company clients.

Our 1/16th scale Donovan 417 nitro engine (based on a 392 cubic inch Chrysler) is pictured below. It is just 2 inches long. Every fuel line and linkage is scratchbuilt and in the correct place. New developments with original subjects are ongoing. We will show these soon.